Watch out…Solar Realty, Inc. is now BLOGGING!!!

Solar Realty, getting ready to celebrate our fourth anniversary!! Cheers!! So, I thought I would get a new modern facelift for our website and add a mobile site, QR code…etc, Modern technology world- here we come. Oh yeah, I also thought it was time to dive into the blog world. Yes, I am now a BLOGGER!!! I am convinced this is where the industry is going and I know everyone wants great, condensed info at their fingertips. This is my goal with this blog.

When you think of real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is buying and selling homes. Real estate is so much more than that. It is about mortgages, insurance, home inspections, staging and all of the responsibilities that come with it. We, Solar Realty, Inc., understand that and are dedicated to being there with the homeowner through every stage. Many more posts to come to discuss there topics.

I welcome and encourage your comments and conversation.
This was my inaugural post… short and sweet, but bear with me since I am new to the blogging world.

Thanks – Tracy